Meta Forest Society Public Mint


Dec 17 @

Meta Forest Society is a collection of 3636 elves NFT that helps empower women farmers. We believe that NFT can be used for social impact. Join our society to make an impact, empower women farmers, and earn $HART through our staking program while meeting like-minded people in the process.
LAUNCH MILESTONES  10% SOLD • 2 ETH Giveaway to Holders• HARA Foundation – Initiative 1
25% SOLD • We’re partnering with T-shirt Printing (Printerous) so you can claim your own Meta Forest Society Artwork on a T-shirt (Free worldwide shipping)• 4 ETH Giveaway to Holders
 50% SOLD • Begin partnering with  Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Brands to give our Holders the benefit and special access from the brands• HARA Foundation – Initiative 2
75% SOLD • 8 ETH Giveaway to Holders
 100% SOLD • We’ll start the 8,888 Female Elves Collection. Can be minted for free (0 ETH + Gas) for MFS Holders • 30 ETH Community Wallet Created. Every usage from this wallet will be voted by our Holders and Community• HARA Foundatioin – Initiative 3
Project Roadmap & Utilities Meta Forest Social Impact Dashboard You can access the social impact dashboard with Meta Forest Society’s NFT and see the progress of the HARA initiative.
 Meta Forest Staking Program You will be able to stake your Elves (Male & Female) and this will generate Hara Token (HART), the utility token of Meta Forest Society. Some of the utilities are:• Buy/Donate Ginger Seeds Polybag• Buy Summon Book
Female Elves Collection There will be 3,636 Female Elves that can be claimed for free only for Holders. Holders only pay for gas fee.
 Meta Forest Fusion You can summon Forest Creature NFT by fusioning Elves & Summon Book. Each Fusion will generate Forest Creature NFT and automatically donate 10 Ginger Seeds Polybags.
Pre Sale will start at 15 December 18:00 UTCPublic Sale will start at 17 December 18:00 UTC

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