MetaWomen DAO Launch

0.06 ETH X10,000


Feb 18 @

MetaWomen DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community where NFT holders vote on partnerships with female ventures and initiatives to partner with, and female art projects and charities to support to further grow the community, give back to NFT holders and empower women. Aim to promote diversity and inclusion in the male dominated blockchain and NFT industries, and inspire women to achieve their dreams!

MetaWomen DAO Launch NFT Roadmap

Reward our early supporters. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for information on giveaways and whitelist access!

VIP Club
The first 1000 champions to mint MetaWomen DAO NFTs join our VIP patrons club with access to a premium discord channel with limited edition airdrops and giveaways.

Rewards & Competitions
Celebrate the milestone with prizes to giveaway to our early members. Members can also contribute towards and vote on designs for our DAO’s Metaverse clubhouse.

Impact DAO Pre-Launch
The Impact DAO pre-launches for holders to put forward their favorite female ventures and art projects to partner with and charities to support with the community royalties fund. Voting will be held when the DAO officially launches after the 100% milestone.

Members Only Merch Store
Our members only Merch store launches with exclusive digital and physical fashion, art prints, 3D prints and more!

MetaWomen DAO Digital Land in the Metaverse
Will buy digital land in the Sandbox to build a clubhouse to promote MetaWomen DAO, host events and connect our members!

MetaWomen DAO Launches!

Here’s where things get even more exciting!
Impact DAO Launch: The Impact DAO community wallet is funded with an initial 25ETH from the main sale and a part of future royalties. Voting will be held on the community’s proposals for female ventures and art projects to partner with, and charities to support.
Charity Grant of 1,000 MetaWomen Blockchain Academy Scholarships: The scholarships will give women suffering from poverty or domestic violence a pathway to achieve their dreams in Tech and Entrepreneurship and become financially free.
Exclusive Metaverse Events: Exciting events will be hosted on our digital land in the metaverse! Your MetaWomen NFTs will serve as your ticket.
$MetaWomen Token & Staking: You will start earning token rewards for your NFTs. MetaWomen tokens will have both utility and governance rights for participating and voting in our community and for rewarding long term holders.
GameFi: 2nd Generation NFTs & Play to Earn Games – First Gen NFT holders will be able to use their token rewards to mint second generation NFTs in the form of 3D playable Voxel characters for future Play to Earn games. These will further grow MetaWomen DAO and fulfill our mission while increasing the value of the first Generation NFTs for our community holders.

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