Monster Rehab

0.03 ETH X3000


Dec 07 @

A vegan zombie, a hairless werewolf and a vampire with an irrational fear of blood, join forces to save their home –

The Monster Rehab

Monster Rehab NFT Roadmap

1 Unique piece of art

1 Monster Rehab song

Monsters can breed with camels to create baby camel monsters

Voting rights to comic book storylines vip access to behind the scenes

1K in sales – Production of graphic novel begins – one free graphic novel when complete

3K in sales – Build a Monster Rehab Hospital in the sandbox (monsters only)

5K in sales – Start developing the IP into a TV series

fair distribution

No bonding curves. Buying a monster costs 0.07Ξ

NFT Media Box membership costs the same for everyone

randomised drop

12 original characters programmatically generated from over 500 possible traits

Randomly minted, maximum of 1000 per character

Will allow a maximum of 12,000 monster rehab NFTs to be randomly minted

monstrous and different

Our monsters look fire, but some are rarer than others

Monsters are ERC-721 tokens on the ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS

NFT owners have the ownership and usage rights for their NFT while owning the NFT. Terms and Conditions apply.

Some owners will have the chance for their NFTs to appear in the monster rehab comic and show

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