“Never Fear Truth”: Johnny Depp’s NFT collection that shows all the actors potential

Johnny Depp is one more celebrity that jumped into the NFT marketplace. His new NFT collection “Never Fear Truth” has 11,111 NFT portraits, and will feature portraits of his personal friends and heroes, a reflection of their character and how they have inspired him. There is also a portrait of himself, his dog, and a character inspired by his son’s dream.

‘Pop Art’ and ‘Street Art’ are the main motives in his NFT collection. Johnny Depp was always interested in art and this creativity helped him thrive in his acting career also. The release date is expected to be in May 2022.

At this moment anyone can enter the Discord of “Never Fear Truth” but after the NFTs are released only NFT holders will have the right to be in the Discord channels.

In this community people will have the chance to collaborate on creative projects, also additional utility is the ownership of the physical art piece, printed on Somerset 410gsm Satin paper using professional acrylic inks. They will be embossed with each unique NFT number and Johnny Depp’s official art certification. The paper will be 600mmX600mm, with a 500mmX500mm image. In the future, these holders will also receive priority access to rare Johnny Depp NFTs.

Also one of the bright sides of this project is that 25% of the proceeds from Never Fear Truth will be allocated to charity for Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Perth Children’s Hospital, and The Gonzo Trust. Besides, they also have plans to offset carbon emissions caused by Ethereum’s proof of work consensus mechanism.

Only 10,000 will be available during the May sale and 1,111 pieces will be reserved for the Never Fear Truth team. These 1,111 pieces will be locked for 3 months following its release, with 25% being unlocked each month thereafter.

There will be a fair raffle to distribute its NFTs and a maximum of 3 raffles will be conducted before the unsold NFTs are deployed into a public sale. The selected participants will then receive a randomly generated artwork, which will only be revealed after the final sale.

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