Og Gerty Collection


Dec 22 @

Say hello to the OG Gerty Collection!
The OG Gertys are the first NFTs coming from GertrudeToken the first Elon Musk relatable Pig Token with Neuralink Technology!
You can Mint the first Gerty NFTs right now!all NFTs will work with OpenSea! 
There are 420 NFTs available.
69 of them are special OG GERTY NFTs that will come with lots of perks!
All Special OG Gerty NFT Owners receive automatic presale slots! 
Our collection is now live!
Mint from Gerty Dapp
PRICE: 10 Matic (First two weeks only)
–Note: Polygon Network fees are .0006 per transaction (very low) and part of the reason we want you learn about this blockchain. It also works fully with OpenSea! You will need to get some MATIC on the Polygon Network. Go over to the Gerty discord channel “How to get Matic” for a list of steps.
We priced these low because we wanted this first collection to be fun for the community and provide the catalyst for how some of them will be integral for our upcoming 10k collection, future collections, and Dapp games/experiences. 
• There will be 420 NFTs for sale 
• All NFTs will be hidden during the sale
• upon reveal 69 special NFTs will be revealed to those lucky enough to get them as well as 1 Angel and 1 Evil Gerty #LegendaryStatus 
– These 69 + 2 special NFTs will automatically be white listed in upcoming presales of all future Gerty collections
– You will receive early beta access new Gertyverse features before the public 
– You will receive early access to Gerty Staking
We believe in the Matic chain, it’s Etherium Layer 2 and we believe it will be a strong chain to be part of ongoing for the future. If you need help getting coins onto that blockchain look at our discord for instructions. Or ask in General. 
GertrudeToken Info:
Elon Musk’s Pig Gertrude $GERTY
Elon, the technocrat is sick of his low-tech pets. Marvin chases his own tail endlessly, Dinger walks into the glass door and Floki eats her own poop. 
Elon had an idea – make the smartest animal in the world
Enter Gertrude the pig!
You see, Gertrude is no ordinary pig.
Gerty was implanted with a chip to manipulate machines and even meld minds. 
Elon has a new love and will soon ditch his old pets for an enhanced one.
Welcome GERTY Community!
MarketCap still <50k   White Paper: https://t.me/GertrudeToken/859   Liquidity Locked   https://gertrudetoken.com   OFFICIAL LINKS   LT: https://linktr.ee/GertrudeToken TG: https://t.me/GertrudeToken TW: twitter.com/gertytoken FB: facebook.com/Gertrudetoken R: reddit.com/user/GertrudeToken M: medium.com/@Gertrudetoken D: https://discord.gg/Rtweq4ukyF

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