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Welcome to the Party Fowl!We’re a small but mighty team of chicken enthusiasts who got together to create an NFT flock of chickens. Our NFT collection will donate to animal rescue societies, so hopefully together we can do some more good in the world.Our collection of 2,000+ fluffy, cuddly, and super friendly Party Fowl are egg-cited to start a new life with you in the Metaverse! Take care of your new pet, breed them to create new varieties, and trade NFTs—all while contributing to a good cause. Party Fowl come in a wide range of plumage colors, silly accessories, and playful backgrounds. The more care your Party Fowl gets, the more joy it cultivates—and the more its ETH value grows.The Party Fowl NFT collection is a smart contract based on ERC 1155, which provides lower gas fees, faster processing, and higher security. When special milestones are reached, your NFT will automatically generate a prize to be mailed to you.

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