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From childhood, bears are our best friends. We cuddle with them, learn from them, and laugh with them. Smokey the bear taught us how to respect our forests. Winnie the Pooh showed us what friendship means. Baloo helped us realize that we only need the bare necessities of life to be happy. But somewhere in our teens, we outgrow our bear friends and consider them childish, or even scary. Well, Bears are back. Party Bears are our childlike wonder and adult ambitions brought together.

A Party can be many things. We can party with thousands of strangers, our closest friends, or even ourselves. A Party is similar to the concept of flow. When you’re partying, the world around you fades, and it’s just you and the shared emotions of those around you. Partying is the opposite of worrying. Partying replenishes the soul and the heart. Partying means letting go of those feelings of judgement and insecurity. You can party in a discord. You can party in the metaverse. You can party in person.

A Party Bear, thus, is the letting go of worry to embrace your creative desires and let instinct chart the course.

Never grow up. Never stop partying. We promise to help you keep the party going, wherever that may be.

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