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Pictures on Walls – POW – Resurrection NFT Drop Feb 1 2022 – 12:00pm GMT
The Art that Charts originators will be releasing an array of NFTs from Some of the Things We Created collection. POW was started in 2003 by a loose collection of artists, graffiti writers and illustrators who were shunned by the controlling influencers of the day – so we set about producing and distributing our own art. The invention of the internet and the cardboard tube enabled us to circumvent the centuries-old grip of the established art world and we laid waste to their cronyism and vested interests and good taste. We delivered a new generation of art directly into people’s homes – well, the Royal Mail did most of it.Somewhere along the way we mastered our craft and many POW prints have become benchmarks within the industry. We pioneered the use of foil block, patterned embossing and we were the first in the industry to use non-solvent based inks. We never put anything down the drain except effort. Throughout it all POW has remained an independent artist-run operation, hosting landmark exhibitions and pioneering the concept of a shit pop-up shop long before it became fashionable.
However, inevitably disaster struck – and many of our artists became successful. Street Art was welcomed into mainstream culture with a benign shrug and the art we produced became another tradeable commodity. Either unable or unwilling to become part of the art market we once so self-righteously denounced – we almost called it quits in January of 2018 (well, we actually did close, but let’s just say for the sake of a fairytale ending we didn’t).Fast forward to 2022… With many of our originating artists now seeing great wealth and worldwide fame, we are left with nothing but a broke down print shop (currently in storage), but have maintained to hold onto our legacy.  So with that, we are going to exploit our POW brand by creating NFTs and hopefully one day we will be able to afford lunch with Banksy.  
This newfound path will consist of various drops of our greatest hits from artists like Banksy, Space-Invader, D-Face, Faile, Paul Insect, and many more. On our continued journey to make Art that Charts, we wanted to say thank you…  Thank you to the artists… Thank you to our supporters… And thank you to those of you who believe the Mona Lisa is ugly and that graffiti is beautiful…

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