PIxel Chibis

0.01 ETH X10


Dec 31 @

40 smol pixelated chibis spreading derping out over the polygon network.

50% Charity 50% Community

50% of all profits will be donated to charity for mental health support and the other 50% will go into the dao where holders decide on the fate of these funds.

Please click on the image to see it at its best quality

more chibis will be created and listed at a higher floor price as we grow with an upwards limit of 40 nfts

Tier 1: 1-19 (0.0099-0.015 eth)

Tier 2: 20-30 (0.015-0.02 eth)

Tier 3: 31-35 (0.02 eth and up)

Tier 4: 36-40 (exclusives)

the higher your tier the more votes you get

Here at Pixel Chibis, we believe that NFTs can be the next big form of charity fundraising as you are getting something in return for your donation.

We hold firm in our mindset that even the smallest of charity can make a large difference.

If you are a holder please join our discord (unlocks at 5 unique holders) to vote on how the community funds will be spent.

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