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A series of collectible colors minted on the Ethereum blockchain, owned by the virtual world and used for all creative endeavors.
Pixelcolors is a unique take on the global color system by creating a new line of RGB-compatible colors aimed towards creatives, artists and general admirers of… just being able to see stuff.

Each Pixelcolor is handpicked and manually made one at a time in order to create a wide and authentic range that will fit any creative work and become the new go-to palette.

Pixelcolors NFT Roadmap

The beginning
The first color chart of the Pixelcolors project contains 1111 colors, announce to the world through effective marketing efforts.

The whitelist
Join and follow our social channels to find out how you get early access and acquire your Pixelcolors NFT. Pre-sale will be 24h prior to the public.

The mint
On the 14th of December will release the Pixelcolors for pre-sale. 1051 colors will be available to mint and the remaining 60 will be used by the project as airdrops and for collab purposes.

The community
This project values its community and believes that every single member should be equally rewarded for their contribution in making it a success. Therefore will create several digital and real-life utilities for those who hodl.

The [FREE] real stuff
As minting is completed will deploy our hodler area where you can claim FREE apparel or other exclusive items at least FOUR times per year for the next FOUR years. The items will be exclusive and produced only once.

The art
Will collaborate with big names in the art world to create 1/1 pieces using the Pixelcolors palette. The profit of such sales will be added to a project wallet for use by and with the community.

The licensing
Whenever Pixelcolors are used for commercial purposes either by the project itself (i.e. public merch) or by partners to the project (licensing our brand and color palette), the owners of the colors that are used will get a percentage of the sales as a licensing fee. If you own popular or multiple colors, chances are you will have a happy wallet!

The collaborations
Through our experienced members in the team and community when it comes to digital art and NFT, will make sure to attach ourselves to other big or promising projects for added value to our members in the form of exclusive access (i.e. WL-spots).

The next phase
Let’s just say the Pixelcolors palette is not complete yet. Colors are still missing from it. In Q2 of 2022 it is time to amend this.

The palette
Pixelcolors will be established as a complete palette with carefully crafted color schemes. Color guides, physical swatches and color libraries that can be used in your favorite graphics software will be developed to become the new go-to.

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