Pixelton NFT Drop


Jan 17 @

pixelton nft: fun pixelated rpg characters
minting starts 1/17 at 40 matic.
welcome to pixelton! population: you
the town of pixelton is a small, peaceful place where weary travellers rest and simple townsfolk lead simple lives. right at the edge of pixelworld, a collection of pixel villagers go about their lives- but not everything is as it seems, as strangers lurk amongst them.
pixelton is an nft project on the polygon ($matic) chain, featuring pixelated rpg characters.
each of these 10,000 characters has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system
as you pace around pixelton, you’ll discover not all townsfolk look alike. you might find them wandering far from their places of work, or just too busy to answer. look closely tho, some individuals look like they don’t belong.
each pixelton has unique characteristics that only he posses. these traits can be ranked based on rarity, resulting in rare and epic individuals.
these pixeltons are random, unique and generated at minting time.
the identity of your pixelton is a mistery until you get it. no first come, first serve! everyone gets the same chance at a rare pixelton.
you can get as many pixeltons as you want but once the 10,000 are minted it will be too late to get one at base cost.
how can i get my pixelton?
once minting is enabled, you’ll be able to mint as many pixeltons as you wish. pixeltons are immediately transfered to your wallet.
is there a rarity system?
yes, rarity is how we tell pixeltons apart. each trait has a chance to be minted depending on its rarity. you can check all the traits and their rarity traits section.
can i trade my ton?
yes, we have partnered with opensea, lootex and other trading sites. you can trade your pixelton as soon as you mint it!
do i own the ton after purchase?
yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer.

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