Planetary Universe #2120


Feb 05 @

Get ready for the best ntfs launch ever! Its name is planetary universe #2120
Why buy my nfts? These nfts will revolutionize the level of sales, many people want to buy them early, why? Because each one of these are unique and their powers will vary according to the implements you get. Besides you can buy them and sell them at a higher price generating more income for you. What are you waiting for to buy them, buy them now starting february 5th!
Planetary universe #2120 was born with the aim of showing different planets distributed in the universe, some will be complete, others will be destroyed, where each one will have different objects, in turn will have powers that make it unique. It will initially have 5 seasons with 10,000 nfts per season. Each season will have a time of 3 months starting on 05/02/2022 until 05/05/2022, throughout the month will be publishing nfts to reach 10,000 nfts.
Follow me on my twitter @davidjmcabcd there I will be giving away 25 nfts to those who follow me, retweet, and like me, you will have more chances to win if you comment on the publication and show the nfts you bought from planetary universe #2120, the gift of nfts will take place on march 10, 2022.
The price of each nft will be distributed according to the power possessed by each one.
With power of 1 – 1000 first 300 nfts 0.0153, after 250 nfts it will be 0.032
With power from 1001-1600 first 300 nfts 0.045, after 250 will be 0.060
With power from 1601- 2200 first 300 nfts 0.072, after 250 will be 0.091
With power from 2201-2800 first 200 nfts 0.109, after 150 will be 0.127
With power of 2801-3400 first 150 nfts 0.137 after 100 will be 0.159
With power from 3401-4000 first 100 nfts 0.519 after 80 will be 1.137
With power of 4001 – 4600 first 15 nfts 1.597 after 15 will be 2.519

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