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t’s rigPlant3D Homes is a Green 3D Printing home company that will build Net Zero and Net Negative homes in the USA beginning in 2022, and believes that it is imperative to make a positive impact in order to heal this planet. We are the first company in the world to tie together NFT’s, Real Estate, and 3D Printed homes. Each NFT ever bought or sold will plant trees, remove plastic from the oceans, and plant coral fragments to heal the ocean. That’s right, every transaction will have an immediate green impact on this planet! ​ While watching the NFT space evolve and noting the massive cost and energy use of ETH, we’ve decided the energy efficient Solana blockchain is the perfect platform on which to launch our NFT’s.
Plant3D Homes will build homes up to 10x faster than traditional building methods while reducing the home build cost 50% or more. Did you know that almost half of all waste in our landfills is from construction materials?  We aim to change that. We will use 90% less wood than a traditional home by 3D printing a mortar mix that is 34% stronger than a traditional concrete masonry block (CMU), which is one of the most widely used building materials over the last 100 years. 
There is no need to frame out the interior of the house with wood, cover the wood with sheet rock, and then sand, tape, and paint your walls. The walls come out from the 3D printer perfectly every time! Once our printer is on site we can have your structure up in a matter of days, not months- all while reducing cost, energy, and material waste that winds up in a landfill. We will be printing our first home in mid-2022 and can’t wait to give you updates on the design and certifications we get along the way. Plant3D Homes will disrupt the construction industry and get people into homes in under 90 days from breaking ground on a project.
This brings us to our First Build List, which you have a chance to join by simply purchasing and collecting our NFT’s. There are 10 spots available and will come with up to $100,000 towards the cost of your 3D printed home! Would you like to go on an all-expense paid Scuba trip in the Caribbean to see the corals we are planting? How does a 4 day hiking adventure to actually plant 100,000 trees with drones sound? Just hold one of our NFT’s and you are automatically eligible. We will fly you in from anywhere in the world to be a part of history!!! There will be many ways to get on this list over our multiple drops and we want it to be accessible to all. We will even be airdropping limited edition cards to community members that won’t be available to purchase from our mint site! 
Plant3d Homes would love to hear more ideas from the community on how to capture carbon and clean up our oceans, and with your help and recommendations we will donate proceeds to even more green-forward companies and startups that have the potential to change the future. We will foster new innovation in all green fields and work with these companies to implement new cutting edge ideas into our 3D printed homes. We feel the community in the Green Net Zero home building space has just started to really get a voice with this new technology emerging and we are here to make your voices heard! No person should be without a home, and no person should have to decide whether to rest their head in a place that is bad for the environment or a green option that would normally be unobtainable due to cost and time to build. Check out our Roadmap for more details.

ht, every transaction will have an immediate green impact on this plane

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