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Welcome to CarnivarousPlantClub   Project .
1111 Carnivarous NFT Plants with traits that can be upgraded by holding and you also get $SEED token by holding.
Who make the project ?
Graven, 22. I’m a youtuber with 235k subscribers solely on programming, “Graven developpement” french channel.
I am hyped about NFTs and i have helped differents projects like Soltigers, Babytigers, CarCollective and Solanabeauties.
Again another random NFT project ?
No, we are not beginners in NFTs project. In this case, CarnivorousPlantClub have different cool usages and differents features 
NFT Upgrading Each week unlisted plants get an additionnal trait
☁️ $SEED Rewards Each day, unlisted plants holder get $SEED token per plant depending on the rarity of each carnivorous plant.
spoon Eating paper hands.
Paper hands damage the floor price of good projects. Each day 70% of creator royalties will be used to buy the floor and list the double of price. 
⭐  Premium Discord Group  Holders get a private channel 
1 Mint = 1 tree planted The Environnement is important to us. Each mint on presale is 1 tree planted by our partner
  Whats the launch date ?
Presale launch is the 09th december – You can get access by ︱register 
Official public launch is the 11th december
 How much of 1 ?
The price of mint is 0.44 ◎ the price
Did you list your project on secondary market ️ ?
Yes, we list the project on Magiceden (ME)
Did you make marketing ?
Yes, we have a big budget for marketing, tiktok, twitter , crossgiveaway and for sure my Youtube channel
Possible to get FREE nft ? without paying ?
Yes, we make a lot of giveaway on the discord (channel #giveway) + on our Twitter (1 per day)
 Official links ⭐  
Website :
Twitter : 

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