Pretty Little NFTs


Dec 04 @

MINT: You can buy these NFTs only via OpenSea at the starter price of 0.1 ether/unity :Pretty Little NFTs – Collection | OpenSeaThere is NO another way to buy them hurry up because they are so cute and only 5000 _________________________________________________________________________We have often been asked this question: “but what exactly are NFTs?” and the answer was rather difficult to give as the subject is so vast and varied.Now you will have an answer: show them this collection of 5000 and uniques “Pretty Little NFTs”.Indeed, they are neither cats nor wolves, and thank god neither APE, they are NFTs and that is their name.
Their natural habitat is the blockchain, which they freely explore and populate.
You can adopt one, they are very social and will allow you to make lots of friends.
They require very little maintenance, just a few “Like” a day to keep them in shape.
To allow everyone to choose the NFT that best suits them, these will all be revealed. There will no MINT, and the purchase will be done only on OpenSea.
To avoid abandonment, a symbolic price of 0.1 ether will be applied to each new adoption.

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