Puffin Pirates

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Puffin Pirates is a collection of 10 000 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The community (aka the colony) will be able to mint assembled avatars from over 130+ unique traits. Your Puffin Pirate grants access to our P2E NFT game where you will battle with other players to earn BOOTY, our in-game currency, to buy, sell, and trade additional NFT items. Your NFT gives you members-only benefits as well as future benefits that will be unlocked through the activation of the roadmap. Additional benefits include: NFT staking to earn
BOOTY, Puffin Pirates merchandise, and a few killer prizes that will be
announced very soon!
Pre-Sale minting for whitelisted members begins on 1/13/22 who will have 48 hours to mint their Puffin Pirate NFTs for 0.07 ETH. Whitelisted members may mint up to 10 NFTs during the Pre-Sale. All Pre-Sale buyers are automatically entered to win 1 of 50 free NFTs as well! If there any remaining Puffin Pirates after
the Pre-Sale, a Public Sale will begin on 1/15/22 with a mint price of 0.08 ETH.
The P2E NFT game is a multiplayer strategy game. Players will be rewarded with
BOOTY tokens, our in-game currency, to buy, sell, and trade additional NFT items. The player’s objective is to build a strong pirate stronghold. Once built, players can attack other similar strongholds. Players also need to defend against attacks from other players. In addition to building a stronghold, players can team up with friends to form pirate gangs and terrorize other gangs. Players who prefer not to play the multi-player mode can play the story-driven single-player mode. In the single-player mode, the player must defeat arch
enemies called the Reeking Rogues.
Who doesn’t love a great BOOTY?! $BOOTY is our in-game token used to buy, sell, and trade NFT items. Players compete against one another to earn $BOOTY tokens. Tokens can also be earned via Staking, owning one of the first 10,000 NFTs, and via airdrops. $BOOTY may also become exchangeable for other
tokens via DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). The mission of Puffin Pirates extends further than a 2D PFP, or a 3D avatar. It`s about family, utility, and of course the main life source of pirate, $BOOTY that lets us fuel our ecosystem on
the blockchain.
Every ‘Captain’ can stake their NFTs and receive a yield of 5 $BOOTY per day. Captains are NFTs from the original collection of our first 10,000 NFTs. All NFTs from the original collection will have the rank of Captain in the NFT P2EGame.
Captains can claim their $BOOTY daily and use it to buy, sell, or trade for in- game assets or they may opt to sell it to other players on DEXs (Decentralized
We are currently developing the tokenomics for $BOOTY tokens. We want to ensure we create an exciting token that encourages and rewards both existing and future game players as we continue to grow the Puffin Pirates family.
Please stay tuned for exciting announcements very soon!

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