Real Apes Club

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Feb 28 @

It is an NFT collection based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total number of NFTs is 5757, 20 of which are “Legendary”. All of them have a unique 3D design and more than 200 traits.

The collection was inspired by the sensational Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, our project brings such an innovation as AR NFT. The ultimate goal is to create our own strong community of enthusiasts, which is aimed at long-term development.

This is the first collection on the market, where each of all 5757 NFTs not only have a 3D design but also support the AR format, which makes the project one of the most unique and promising on the market.

Real Apes Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
Active development of Twitter, Instagram and Discord. Attracting NFT collector-enthusiasts to our community. Our goal is to collect at least 75,000 users before the start of sales.
Development of a marketing plan. Attracting popular influencers from various fields (sports, art, bloggers, etc.)
Preparation for the start of the presale
For the most loyal and active fans, have provided 1000 slots in the White List. You can find all the details about WL in our discord channel.
NFT and cash raffles and giveaways on social media
Development of a Smart Contract for the first collection.
Development of AR models for integration into the first collection

Phase 2
Pre-Sale and Pubic Sale of first collection
Launch of our own merch which will be raffled among holders
Closed offline events for holders. An important point is that, only our community will determine the place and format of the event.
Integration with Web AR. With the help of this you can see your NFT in Augmented Reality
First payments to holders in ETH (30% of royalties in the secondary market will be distributed among them).
Rewards for holders. Holders will give a bonus: Airdrop “Poison” NFT. With this, each NFT holder from the first collection will be able to mint the NFT from the second “Real Dead Apes Club” collection for free.

Phase 3
Pre-Sale and Public Sale of second collection
Marketing 2.0. Launch of the ambassador program, articles in popular print media and more collaboration with influencers (from various fields).
Active implementation Real Apes Club in the Metaverse. Our first step will be buying land in the Sandbox and DecentraLand. Closed events inside Metavers with the participation of celebrities only for our holders

Phase 4
$RAC token launch, which will be used as in-game currency in our P2E game.
Game beta test only for holders
Launch P2E fighting game based on characters taken from our first two collections (Q2 2022)
$RAC tokens airdrop for early holders

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