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Retro Pandas is a community-driven project built by members of a rugged NFT project. It is a true rise from the ashes, “Phoenix Project.” The collection consists of 3000 unique Retro Pandas with their own unique traits. While the majority of Ethereum based NFT projects include rarity within their projects to entice minting, we opted to focus on evolving utility.
Retro Pandas are free to mint to anyone holding the rugged NFT – as of a snapshot taken November 19th. The community whitelist mint will be open for 7 days. Mint will begin Saturday, November 27th at 12:00 am EST. After the whitelist mint period, the minting will open for anyone else that would like to purchase a Retro Panda.
The cost of that mint will be .05 ETH.
For every Retro Panda you own you will be able to claim 10 steamed buns (BUNS) per day. For instance, if you hold 10 Retro Pandas that entitles you to claim 100 BUNS a day.
BUNS are an ERC-20 token created strictly for the Retro Pandas closed-loop economy. We cannot stress this enough:
1 Steamed Bun = 1 Steamed Bun
The first available use for BUNS will include an opportunity to mint Pandanators at the cost of 300 BUNS per Pandanator minted. There are 6,000 Pandanators available with each one yielding 20 BUNS a day. BUNS can be claimed once every 24 hours. The total rewarding period for all claimable BUNS lasts for a span of 5 years.
Pandanators will be available 37 days after the launch of mint giving a fair mint opportunity for everyone. Retro Pandas will be an ongoing community-driven project. Our goal is to build out further utility for individual holders of BUNS to decide themselves whether or not to burn BUNS in a realistic and innovative way.

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