Rich Ape Miners Club

0.333 ETH X10,000


Jan 24 @

The most unique NFTs in crypto. These miners come from the deepest mountains mining bitcoin and altcoins for a living. They’ve been mining crypto in its early beginnings and now they are richer than they ever thought possible. An exclusive club of rich miners awaits for you!

Become an ape miner and earn real Bitcoin from our upcoming $500,000 mining operation! A portion of the profits will be rewarded to those that own at least 3 rich ape miner club NFTs.

Rich Ape Miners Club NFT Roadmap

Presale sold
The presale buyers will get access to a super exclusive group to discuss business, crypto, projects and how to get richer. An open door to upcoming hidden projects. A way to build wealth together.

Will thank you for starting this adventure and give 1 NFT to the fastest 3 buyers.

A marketing and development fund will get started with 20% of the royalties from opensea sales dedicated exclusively to grow the project in the direction the community decides. Voted and chosen by you!

A 50,000 USD fund will be allocated for an extra push in marketing efforts by the most legit and valid influencers out there. This is to guarantee a steady and important boost in growth to sell all the NFTs.

Negotiations with ASIC manufactures will begin to get the best deal possible so you all receive the most rewards from our Bitcoin Mining operation. An additional 20,000 USD will be used to promote the project further and complete the mint!

The production of our exclusive large-scale Bitcoin mining operation will begin development to reward NFT holders from a portion of the profits generated from mining Bitcoin, the best way to continue earning money passively. All from clean energy! To be able to participate you need to hold at least 3 NFTs, payouts monthly once the mining operation has been established.

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