Risugurupu NFT


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Risugurūpu nft are 5,555 unique collection. Have programmatically generated risu built a utopia in the metaverse! Each risugurūpu is unique and 1 of over 450 billion possible combinations.
Each risugurūpu is a cuddly key to a community of crypto enthusiasts sharing their love and knowledge of all things nft.
They are erc-721 tokens hosted on ipfs.
Welcome to the risugurūpu-verse
Risugurūpu are part of the squirrel ecosystem of products where our experienced team is building the next generation of blockchain technologies and digital assets for the next wave of retail users. We’re technologists building top blockchain technology.
Earn a whitelist spot to mint a risugurūpu through your participation in discord. Admins will be giving active, engaging members a whitelist spot in the risugurūpu pre-sale. Show off your nutty side and earn a whitelist spot!
We’re building a community
We have some of the top community builders and everything we do at risugurūpu will be for our community.
We’re launching our risugurūpu tokens with a retroactive airdrop to risugurūpu holders exploding_headfire(special surprise if you’re an original holder of risugurūpu from the sale)
A private discord channel for only risugurūpu holders to access
 Once we sell out we are going to start working with the community on gen2 breeding opportunities for risugurūpu holders
We’re working on minigames for risugurūpu. Have ideas? Shoot us a message in our community!
Risugurūpu will be coming to the metaverse. You heard it here first. Look out for key metaverse partnerships to bring more utility to risugurūpu.
Join to discord
——————- moonmap ——————-
10% – the launch of risugurūpu hub app
The ultimate hub for the risugurūpu.
With world-class ui/ux developer deelow, we will launch a platform where all risugurūpu holders can share news, meet new friends and find novel business opportunities. The app is solely for the holders of risugurūpu, and its purpose is to bring the utilities offered into a smart ui.
30% – buying lands in metaverse
We will hold a voting session where holders can vote on what land in the metaverse to buy. A fully dao process, community will decided, decentraland and/or the sandbox, the choice is yours!
50% – clothing collection
Launching our very own risugurūpu clothing line.
The collection is only available for holders of risugurūpu. Collaboration with a world renowned brand is on its way…
85% – events, trips, unique experiences & all night long parties! 
Irl events
Plans are in motion to organise parties all around the world, from france to london, from miami to australia. Risugurūpu holders can book exclusive trips and experiences directly from the app at low prices. Not only can you meet the risugurūpu’father himself, you can also make new friends and connections in the nft space. These events are fully funded by the 
100% – access to a top secret project
We have concluded a deal with the biggest upcoming nft project to date.
We have signed ndas, so we can’t reveal much… But we can say that this project has been in the making for 6 months with a team of 60 people involved. They are all leaders in their domains, ranging from city development, video production, and graphic design.
Websites : risugurūpu nft official websites
Twitter : risugurūpu nft twitter
Instagram : risugurupu nft instagram

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