Savages Totsys

1.0 SOL X6666


Dec 11 @

The Totsys is a collection of 6666 unique creatures who lived in harmony on the opposite side of the coast range of SAKARYANA on the Solana Blockchain.

Savages Totsys NFT Roadmap

The Beginning
– The unique 6,666 Totsys will be released for the big battle in Sakaryana on the Solana Blockchain.
– Set free all 6,666 Savages Totsys to occupy the underworld on December.
– Our team is a bunch of hard workers that will ensure the coolest and smoothest Launch ever for everyone.
– Savages Totsys invade the world, listing potentially on Solanart and Magic Eden.

The Migration & Marketplace..
– Now are more than just a community, every decision is decentralized by the community, based on our ecosystem the DAOs voting will be as cool & safe as the launch.
– Creation and deploy our Marketplace “Sakaryana” on our website.
– Treasury Wallet 70% of all secondary sale royalties remains in the Treasury for one week; then, 20% of royalties will be used to sweep the floor and 50% will be injected in the Totsys holders wallets as a recognition and gratitude for believing in the Savages Creatures of Sakaryana. — will be voted by the DAOs holders.
– Realtime treasury follow up on our website.

Sakaryana Growing Up
– New other creatures collections is going to appear on Sakaryana.
– Provide Sakaryana community members with mint passes and pre-sale spots on upcoming high calibre NFT collections.
– On the upcoming collections, offer a free mint if you hold 3 or more totsys, and an access to the whitelist for the rest of holders (Limited).

Last but not least
– Reveal an update to our roadmap & Website.

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