SCRT Fugitivez

10 SECRET X333


Feb 16 @

About SCRT Fugitivez

Born to be private by-default, SCRT Fugitivez collectors will be one lucky bunch… Those who understand that only a fraction of rare digital art goes up in value.
Probably the most promising and wanted upcoming NFT collection of all times, SCRT Fugitivez are hidden deep inside the Secret Network. Each creation in the collection reflects the diverse interests and wandering minds of the crypto community. The limited color palette and surreal nostalgia of each Fugitive whispers the story of the good old days of dirty secrets, early deep web times, and transactions.
Join the Fugitivez community below and follow the SCRT Fugitivez Twitter account to stay up to date with surprise announcements!

SCRT Fugitivez NFT Roadmap

2021 Q3 & Q4:
• Design process by the creative team

2022 Q1:
• SCRT Fugitivez final collection
• Pre-launch Virtual Event (Follow our twitter and discord for updates)
• Each SCRT Fugitive consists of different properties of varying rarities, from common to ultra rare. SCRT Fugitivez will be launched on 16/2/22 @ 17:00 UTC on The initial project supporters get distinct privileges over other future holders such as additional voting rights, staking and community lead.
• Community / Social channels SCRT Fugitivez Discord will be created for Fugitive lovers to chat and understand better about the perks of becoming a SCRT Fugitivez collector.

2022 Q2:
• SCRT Fugitivez Merch Launch of SCRT Fugitivez merchandise e-store. Imagine your favorite SCRT Fugitivez as a poster, hoodie or mug! Each SCRT Fugitivez holder will automatically be eligible for giveaways of the merch!
• SCRT Fugitivez DAO community

2022 Q3:
• SCRT Fugitivez Browser Game Launch SCRT Fugitivez holders will have priority for early access to the Fugitivez game before the general public.

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