Sharks Of Solantis

2.5 ETH X9,999


Oct 09 @

Legend has it that the city of Solantis was built by Poseidon, the God of Sea. Created and sent, by his mother Rhea and father Chronos, in seek of taking more control by building a capital Utopia of the Seas. Poseidon was assigned to conjure this city, no matter the costs. He would channel divine power from a source like no other, The “Dunamis”. Using this same power, he called upon 9999 guardian protectors and first citizens of Solantis. The Sharks Of Solantis.

Divine power source of Solantis and the community fund. Funds, relics, NFT’s, sponsorships, donations, and much more will be added to The Dunamis throughout the seasons. See more on our roadmap.

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