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Having faced many complex subjects at the start of the journey in crypto found that there’s little to no information on how to learn it in a structured and cohesive way. One has to pack a significant amount of knowledge in order to get started, let alone build something that’s going to last for decades and centuries.

Smarties Club is a community-driven project focused on brining more people into the crypto world. Envision this to be the first learn-to-earn platform welcoming and educating new generation of users. Have a look at our vision.

Smarties Club NFT Roadmap

– 5000 followers on Twitter
– Marketing campaign
Targeted ad campaigns, influencers reach.
– 3000k+ unique holders
It’s hard to control the amount of holders, but will try to draw in as many learners as possible.
– First sneak-peaks of Smarties App.
First screens, main interaction points and overall feel of the app.
– Community engagement
Contests, airdrops, giveaways.
– 10000 community members in Discord

– 15000 followers on Twitter
– Smarties Education Hub social media presence
The first step for Smarties Education Hub. Curated content creators and educators will be providing educational content on multiple platforms: Youtube, TikTok, Instagram.
– Smarties Foundation donations
As our first donations looking at “Higher Achievement” and “Open Books”.
– More Smarties App sneak-peaks.
Showcasing virtual-trading UI, personal dashboard and mentors/teachers forum.
– Website improvements
Improving UI/UX, adding various animations and more details to existing sections.
– 20000 community members in Discord

Community Strengthening
– Smarties App beta launch.
– Merchandise launch
Hoodies, caps, t-shirts, sweaters and a lot more in the Smarties Club Merch Shop.
– 30000 followers on Twitter
– Smarties DAO Establishment
always listening to your opinions and Smarties DAO will help us consolidate your voice.
– 50000 community members in Discord

Smarties Brand
– Collaborations with major brands
Adidas, nike, tesla, apple. What do these companies have in common? Our non-biased(in no way) answer is education. Whether it’s a shoes or car company there’s always a need to teach your target audience the right things
– Launching Smarties Education Hub academy
Second step for Smarties Education Hub is the offline/online academy to connect people all around the world with a single purpose of sharing and embracing ideas.
– Venture fund establishment
To ensure our long term integrity the venture fund fund will be responsible for investing into community-chosen projects, wthether new or old. So that at hard times can paritally rely on the talent of others.

– Smarties Education Hub metaverse
VR/AR courses, webinars, meetups and lectures.
– Take over the world
– Video game
Smarties story, characters in an immersive game experience.

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