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NFT stands for a non-fungible token, a unit of data kept on a blockchain that
certifies a digital asset as unique and unreplicable.
The first NFT project was launched back in 2015, but it was the 2021 when the
market really took off. In fact, saying it “took off” is a massive understatement.
Comparing the second and third quarters of 2021, the volume of NFT trading went
up by 704%. Three months is what it took for such growth.
With more and more companies launching their own NFTs, celebrities, crypto,
finance, and other experts backing it up, and all the upsides the technology has
– the NFTs are here to stay.
But when the industry is so early stage and moving so fast, there are so many
things to improve.
Exactly there, Socialogue will shine.
Socialogue combines of all the booming spaces: NFTs, blockchain, Metaverse,
and social media. All merged into one platform.
It is built by taking the best practices of the industry and making them even
better. And for sure, addressing the flaws.

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