Sol Amphibians


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Sol Amphibians – Gen 0 are 4,444 Uniquely Hand Drawn 3D Modelled Character NFTs. Combining 3D Modelling along with AI and Algorithmic creation they’re living on the SOLANA Blockchain! Each Amphibian is very Unique combining many different Traits ranging from Different Skin Textures to Colour Gradients, Habitats and Loads of Accessories!
Breeding Functions have also been Built-in! Simply hold any 2 Sol Amphibians for 4 weeks to receive a Free Baby Amphibian delivered directly to your Solana wallet! The Sol Amphibians will also be Metaverse ready, we are exploring ways to have the Sol Amphibians live within the Metaverse! You will be able to Interact with them as a Virual Pet! Also, 3D Printer Coding will be available to all Holders giving you the option to Print off your very own 3D Model of your Amphibian!
Floor Sweeping will take place Weekly to Buyback the Lowest Priced Amphibians from all Listed Marketplaces.
Physical Items will Accompany some Rare and Ultra Rare Amphibians and these will be Posted Free to Minters! An example of one of the items is a pair of 3D glasses to view your Rare Amphibian with Another Item will be a 3D Printed Version of Your Minted Amphibian!
Royalties will be set at 15% of which 1/3 will be Donated to the following Animal Organisation: 
The above Organisation do some Amazing Conservation works ensuring the different Species survival for many Decades to come!
The remainder of the Royalties will be used to buy back the Floor Price and for the Artists Royalties.
Sol Amphibians- Gen 0 will be Listed firstly on Holaplex for the Pre Sale Minting followed by Solsea after the Public Sale Mint. We have also applied for listings on Magic Eden and Digital Eyes Markets which we will have approval for very soon!
The Pre Sale Mint will Start on 08/12/21 and the Public Mint will begin on 10/12/21
One Month after the Public Mint The Baby Amphibians will be sent to their new owners and become Listable on the above-mentioned Marketplaces.
For the Minting Price, we are having our Community VOTE on that currently via our Discord!
We will continue to Support our Community beyond Minting and into the Future. Feel free to Contact Us on any of our Socials with any questions you may have.
We currently have the Airdrop Raffle which is Still Open along with the Whitelist with only 450 Spots Remaining! (Links at the bottom of this Article) There’s also a Giveaway running right now on Twitter giving new Discord members the chance to Win 1 Solana.
The Winners of the Airdrop, Whitelist and 1Sol Giveaways will be announced at the beginning of next month via Discord and Twitter so stay tuned for updates!
Let’s Grow together as a Community! This will include continued Community Evolution along with Giveaways, Future Project Drops and Much More!! Stay up to date with all the latest via our Socials!

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