Solana Stars


Dec 10 @

3333 Mint | 0.75 SOL | Community, Charity, Utility
Phase 1 – OriginThe Big Bang – SolStars assembles a team of developers and artists to construct and grow the SolSystem. A prototype of a SolStar is crafted along with traits. Rarity criteria are distributed and assigned to SolStars.Social media channels are designed to spread news about the SolStars. Phase 2 – Pre-LaunchShooting Stars – SolStars are nearing their inception in the Solana galaxy.Sneak Peak is released on all major social media channels.Partnerships with other projects, bringing you giveaways and airdrops.We gain pre-approval from a secondary marketplace.Launch release information is released to the public.The Rarity chart is revealed on all of our major social media channels.
Phase 3 – LaunchMeteor Shower – 3,333 SolStars appear live to mint. Stars appear on a major secondary marketplace immediately after sellout. The team donates profits from the mint to the American Cancer Society. StarDAO is in effect. Royalties from trading on secondary markets are airdropped back to SolStar hodlers on a weekly basis. Weekly floor sweeps take place.
Phase 4 – The FutureEver Glowing Stars & Project Timewarp – Three SolStar holders will be selected to win a trip to; Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, Alaska for Aurora Borealis, or ALMA Observatory in Chile (or $5000) for a holder and their family.SolStars hodlers vote on the maintenance of sweeped stars.SolStars 3D vinyls are shipped to hodlers.After the mint is sold out, we will be adding to the roadmap with a new timeline, updates and future plans.
Additional Details:
SolStars is a NFT project focused on our growing community, utility, and philanthropy. We are oriented on astronomy as our team members have a strong passion for it. We have started an agenda of a DAO, liquidity pool, meteor shower events, and 3D vinyl toys. We will be donating 10% of post mint sales to the American Cancer Society, after which we will be using another 15% to buy floor Stars weekly. We will have the holders be the ones to decide what to do with these Stars in our DAO; whether we burn them and have Stars be deflationary or use a liquidity pool with passive income opportunities to SolStar holders. Well also have giveaways such as family trips to Griffith Observatory in LA, Alaska for Aurora Borealis, or ALMA Observatory in Chile for several holders and their family. As for post-mint royalties, 100% of the first week’s secondary sales will be airdropped to SolStar holders, as well as 50% of every week following.

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