SpaceTurtles NFT


Dec 30 @

You might have got many invites like this before but this one is different.
Think you missed out on this year’s NFT? Think again!!
If you think you missed all the good NTF’s this year, then I’m here to tell you that you are WRONG!
We are launching SpaceTurtles, a project that took almost a year to complete and you can be amongst the first to mint not only from the Turtlemint (Presale) but have the chance to get 1 ETH not once, twice, or three times… but MANY times.
This is because we have put the most rares inside the Turtlemint (Presale) and we are 100% giving you a guarantee that we will rebuy it from you for 1 ETH when you get one, two, or maybe even three who knows. All that is certain is that the chance of getting a rare SpaceTurtles is magnified in the Presale. On top of that, giveaways are waiting for the early members.. yes, trust me these are all true facts! Besides all this Whitelisted members mint for 0.05 ETH instead of 0.07 ETH!
I’d like to welcome you to the discord so you can see for yourself!

– Be the first to join one of the most worked on NFT projects of the year
– Chances of winning 1 ETH more than once
– Amazing giveaways
– Amazing artwork that was done by a real artist and took a long time
– Neverseen before Roadmap with upcoming BIG partnerships
I can go on all day We’ll let the art and the roadmap speak for themselves. We have dedicated our lives to this project so you can only imagine where we will take this project with all the connections we got and all the hard work we have put in and will continue doing.
Don’t miss your chance the get in early into a project that is beyond what you have ever seen. 
We welcome you to our community, SpaceTurtles NFT

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