StellarKing Spaceship NFT

120 MATIC OTH X2,000


Jan 29 @

The StellarKing NFTs are several collections of 2000 rare and unique spaceships that you can play with in the game. They also provide access to the token’s pre-sale.

StellarKing Spaceship NFT Roadmap

JANUARY 2022 – NFT PRIVATE MINT: The StellarKing NFTs are several collections of 2000 rare and unique spaceships that can be used in the game. Will first release a collection of 2000 NFTs. Only the ones whitelisted will have 48 hours to mint before anyone else to make sure they have their NFT.

JANUARY 2022 – NFT PUBLIC MINT: The StellarKing NFTs that were not minted on the private mint will be released publically so that anyone can have a chance to buy his own NFT. You have to be fast on this date because a lot of people will try to mint.

FEBRUARY 2022 – TOKEN PRE-SALE: Only the StellarKing NFT owners will have access to the token pre-sale. It is the perfect moment to buy the token before anyone else and at a much lower price than during the token public sale. Your tokens will be vested if you buy during the pre-sale.

FEBRUARY 2022 – TOKEN IDO CYCLES: After the token pre-sale to the NFT holders, will make 3 IDO cycles for people who want to join early at a lower price. Will limit the supply for these cycles, not everyone will be able to get tokens. Your tokens will be vested if you buy at the IDO.

MARCH 2022 – TOKEN PUBLIC SALE: Anyone can buy the StellarKing token, the Stellarium. This token will be used to give rewards to the players in the game. It will also be used as a currency to trade resources with other players in the game.

Q3 2022 – GAME LAUNCH: Will use the money raised in the NFT sale to immediately start the game development. The game will take a few months to be developed, can expect around 6 months. At the launch, anyone will be able to play the game, with or without NFT but the NFT gives special bonuses and a unique style

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