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Hi! I’m roberto shell and one of my favorite games, one of the ones I spent the most time playing, was the elder scrolls v: skyrim. I literally love this game. For that reason, I couldn’t resist, and I created this small collection, which I’m releasing here, in this post, called: sumy shollplay – skyrim.

For those who don’t know, sumy shollplay is a cosplay. In her “kingly” version, she will be wearing the costume of a hero, or famous character, but most of the time, playful that she is, she loves to mix pieces where, in a hybrid costume, she may be wearing, for example, her arm. Superman’s right, master chief’s head, and pikachu’s left leg. The result is surprisingly beautiful.


The collection sumy shollplay – skyrim, has its nfts, being marketed at opensea. It is a limited edition collection, which will have only 125 nfts sold, apart from those that will be distributed in sweepstakes and promotions.


What came first: the game or sumy shollplay art in nfts? The answer to that question is: both!

In the game, to be released, the player will be able to assemble his sumy shollplay, the way he wants, according to the pieces he has available. Freedom will be total, in a playful, fun and profitable activity. You will be able to participate in combats with other players from all over the world. Finally, the investor will be able to acquire the created nft.

For those who want to be one of the first to play the game demo: sumy shollplay, just send your email to this email address: [email protected] As soon as the demo is available, you will receive a key so you can test the game.

Sweepstakes & promotions

If you want to participate in sumy shollplay – skyrim nfts sweepstakes and promotions, just join our discord.


Sumy shollplay diverse collections are hosted and marketed on opensea. Visit them!

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