Sushi Nekkos are the cutest Sushi Cats on the NFT market full of surprises

Do you like sushi or cats, maybe both, or do you just want to be wrapped around with cuteness with a great NFT project and its community? Then we have the perfect project for you!

Sushi Nekkos is a collection of 3,600 unique Sushi Cats with Ph.D.’s in Sushiology, and they are not kidding. Sushi Nekkos will be 0.036 ETH each. Their new chapter of the story will begin with their mint soon on December 27 so get ready your wallets and follow them on Twitter to get the news first.

Let’s find out more about this cuddling NFT project and community!

How did the story of Sushi Nekkos start, who’s idea was it?

So our story begins with just members of our team talking about NFT’s one afternoon over some coffee. We knew each other pretty well and both were interested in NFT’s, the crypto space, and Web 3.0. Our team members and I happened to work in tech and our project leader did some marketing work before and was into crypto way earlier than I was. Just straight up looking through open sea and various other NFT projects we thought maybe the point of NFT’s was that it didn’t have to be a solid idea and really could be anything! After a few brainstorming, we both got a feeling that it was going to be something we both liked very much: sushi and cute little cats. The rest is history!

What was the inspiration for the art?

For the art specifically, we were generally inspired by different animal-based NFT projects such as Cool Cats and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. On the idea itself, we wanted to give our project a “Kawaii” vibe to it and figured out many different ways to combine sushi and cats into an NFT and make it look cute as possible when we decided that what we have now was the best!

What are Sushi Nekkos offering to the community as benefits?

We have many good projects lined up down the road such as the P2E game we’re going to make, and the $NEKO tokens. We’ve also planned Sushi Nekko staking to earn $NEKO tokens which could be used as in-game currency. Also, we want our project to have as much utility as possible so we’re still planning on more things!

Have you already planned the game? How are you imagining to look like?

We are still in development, and we are thinking it would be highly similar to the format of io games in which the game will feature a PvP system. Since it’s a P2E game, players can earn $NEKO tokens playing the game.

What is the ultimate goal of Sushi Nekkos?

To tell you the truth we really don’t know where this project will take us in the future. Just a few days ago we thought maybe our project wasn’t going to turn out how we expected, but gradually, we saw our community grow in real-time and more people are showing us love and support! However, there is one goal we do have, which is to take this project beyond NFT’s and into a large community of sushi and cat-loving members, creating lots of fun and interesting projects within the Sushi Nekko universe! Is it going to be the metaverse? Launching some kind of platform? We don’t know for now, but one thing is very certain — we want to build the coolest and most welcoming community in the NFT space!

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