The artist “mlamuta” tells stories and much more with the out of this world collection EGGTOMATONS

So many collections show up every day and it’s very hard to determine the promising ones. When it comes to art and great utility the EGGTOMATONS are on it. EGGTOMATONS are a digital collection of 1407 unique NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, randomly generated from 280+ traits/attributes. But this is just a plain description of what this collection can do.

The story about EGGTOMATONS is out of this world, literally. It goes about a moment in the future when humanity will try and find a different planet to settle on, they do find a planet that looks habitable and even befriended the local race, only to soon discover that their human bodies were failing. The solution they came up with was to create a collection of prototype hosts. After their last hope failed they let their consciousness, their very essence is transferred into the new vessels and woke up in new bodies. That is how we got the EGGTOMATONS!

Looking around the project and their rich roadmap that includes a game, yes, we decided to ask the artist “mlamuta” to share with us his and the “secrets” of the EGGTOMATONS.

What do you most often create?

I have been working in the gaming industry for eight years now and I have created graphics for those games. These were mostly characters, scenes, mini-games, logos, UI, line art, and concepts. In the first company we produced HOPA video games and I produced more than ten games with my team. In the company I currently work for, we deal with F2P games.


As a freelance artist, I have illustrated about twenty children’s books, drawn comics for more than fifteen years, and published them every two weeks in a magazine from Serbia, designed several covers for music albums in Serbia, and I have also drawn caricatures.

In conclusion, what I like the most is to create graphics that tell stories of their own.

How did the idea about Eggtomatons come to you?

My brother and I wanted to make our own NFT collection. We had a few failed attempts that looked interesting but not good enough. After four bad suggestions, we brainstormed.

We were looking for something that wasn’t too childish, but not too serious either. Something that is not an animal, but it is not a human being either. We wanted something that would carry a certain dose of humor and make people happy. Something that will bring a smile to the faces of those who see those characters. So we came up with a cute robot that has a glass egg on its head. Then all we had to do was place them in a special world where only our rules apply. I think that is a good basis for inspiring work and creation.

There were several suggestions for the name of the collection, but the Eggtomatons prevailed. The compound is made from the word EGG + Automaton. The reason we did it was that this compound did not exist on the Internet and now whenever you type eggtomatons in the search engine, only we will pop up.

From further brainstorming, many more ideas were born, from which the story and the project itself developed. In the end, we designed seven legendary Eggtomatons.

There are many more ideas, but I can’t make them public yet.

Tell us what makes Eggtomatons different from other projects?

This is very difficult to say because really all the projects are somehow special.

Our idea was to make a good plan, collaborate with the best (NiftyLabs, Jamie Hawke) write a realistic roadmap and deliver. We have left a lot of space for our projects to develop as people’s interests grow.

What is perhaps innovative, and we believe we are among the pioneers in this, is that we have introduced the book into the blockchain. For now, the plan is to make seven novels about our seven legendary Eggtomatons.

What do you think about the NFT Space?

I see the NFT space as a new market that can only continue to grow. I see many new possibilities and inexhaustible space for creating new worlds.

NFT is the future and that is why I think it is very important to enter this world as soon as possible and find your place in it.

As GaryVee says:’’ 98% of the world hasn’t heard about NFTs yet.’’

What are your future plans?

As the Eggtomatons team, we are planning to carry out our roadmap step by step, preparing the next collection, trying to maintain our community and we will try to follow the competition and the latest developments in the best possible way.

As mlamuta, I will try to develop my name as an artist in the NFT world. I will be present, focused on my new collections and further personal development. I will try to make people notice my art and I will make sure that I maintain the best communication with them.

I am satisfied with the sale of the first Eggtomatons collection and I am sure that now we have opened new doors in our careers and we just need to go through them.

The Eggtomatons offer many possibilities and we wish them good luck on the NFT market and that they enter the door of success with style.

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