We are pleased to officially announce The D’Ohnut Club project focusing on gaming, community and utility. The D’Ohnut Club is gathering NFT collection linked to a unique Play-to-Earn Game under Creative Common Licence.


2022, Springfield, United States of America…

The wealthy owner of the Springfield nuclear power plant, Mr. Burns, has developed a terrible satellite designed to scan the entire planet Earth to identify all the precious metal deposits that would allow him to become even richer. Due to a lack of available personnel, Mr. Burns chose Homer Simpson to lead the Burns X mission. But all did not go as planned, distracted by the loss of his donut Homer made explode the satellite which crashed on Earth and plunged its inhabitants in chaos and despair.

As the world began to rebuild itself, Professor Frinks decided to offer the inhabitants of the world a way to escape and forget the daily hell and find some comfort. This virtual world was called the SIMPSONVERSE.

In this virtual world, each player is free to do whatever he wants, just like in his previous life. You can eat at the Krusty Burger, shop at the Mini Market, anything they want…

The whole world began to spend its money in this parallel reality and Professor Frinks became rich, immensely rich, so much so that he lost his mind. In his megalomaniacal madness, he decided to make all the inhabitants of the world prisoners of his world, except for a handful of investors. That’s when he created a secret society called The D’Ohnut Club.

The Professor’s new technologies have turned his world into a video game. The principle created for the game “The Sims” is applied to the inhabitants of Springfield who are manipulated by the members of the D’Ohnut Club. The Professor created the ultimate entertainment, a video game in which the inhabitants fight each other in teams, guided remotely by the online players.

Join the Club and become the master of Springfield! Create and customize your teams using characters from every universe.

Engage in turn-based RPG battles, join a guild with your friends and take your strategy to the next level to earn maximum points (convert your points into Solana Coins, Dohnut Coins, NFTs, or in-game bonuses)