The Donut Shop

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Feb 06 @

UNIQUE Artwork
more than just a fresh new profile picture, our exclusive collection of 7,777 3d donuts are each glazed with different characteristics and 1 of 1 traits
community royalties
get that dough! holding your donut nft allows you to claim airdrops from the donut shop community fund. earn passively while your nft is staked
join the metaverse
for added sprinkles, the donut shop will also be acquiring digital land in prominent metaverses to monetize and, in turn, directly benefit holders


Presale and public sale to take place in the first week of february
mint benefits

donuts = royalties
free donuts for life with all pre-sale mints, and one year supply for regulars. each mint comes with the ability to earn royalties from donut shop sales & investments

the metaverse
each mint will come with access to a 3d character file to utilize your donut in the metaverse.
metaverse utility
you are the business

stake your donut
each mint comes with fractional ownership of DONUT DAO, meaning each holder will have the ability to earn royalties from the business & claim airdrops directly from the dao. holders will also have decision making abilities within the business for important additions or removals.

summer 2022, in miami
our flagship donut shop will open up & begin selling delicious donuts to a loving community of hundreds and thousands.
all holders are welcome to the grand opening (invite only)
the first shop
metaverse land expansion

real life & digital exposure
we’re the first to combine a business operating in both the physical, and digital world. FUNDS from the mint will be allocated to acquiring digital spaces in metaverses, where donut shops will exist. We will monetize this land to benefit our holders.

donuts to impact the world
a big mission of ours is to make a lasting impact to those who need help the most.
The donut shop will be pledging 250,000USD from our mint proceeds to action against hunger & feeding america, Along with organizing local food drives with our holders
giving back
the future

build a donut empire
we want to go bluechip & mainstream. Our plan is to expand the donut shop to all major cities in the united states & build a presence internationally. post-mint marketing will be utilized to grow the franchise, increase value of the nft’s, and push the mission forward.

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