The FlipSide Metaverse

0.99 SOLANA X999


Aug 12 @ 330 am
Presale: 2022-08-12 @ 330 am

The FLIPSIDE Metaverse

Web3 Done Right!

Genesis Collection Mints Friday Aug 12!

Supply : 999 NFTs
WL Mint Price : 0.99 Sol
Public Mint Price: 1.25 Sol

What Are The NFT Benefits?
Own 100% IP Rights Over Your NFT!
Stake To Earn Royalties Paid Out In $SOL, $BTC, $ADA, $USDT
Visit Our Metaverse In SOL & ETH!
1 Comic Book Sent To You
Earn Exclusive Airdrops

Each NFT Comes With 2 Consecutive Airdrops! Airdrop #1 : The FlipSide Land Deed (Metaverse Is Currently Undergoing Alpha Testing!) Airdrop #2 : SANDBOX AVATAR ON ETH (Assets Are Completed & Ready To Mint On $SAND!)

Our Story:

Boundary Labs – Now renamed to Kazuki Labs inc. is a blockchain technology company established in 2021. It was founded as a consulting based B2B company that aims to help traditional companies (Web2) transition into the future meta (Web3).

Kazuki Labs specializes in creating digital experiences for the web3/metaverse. Kazuki Labs specializes in the field of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and metaverse integration. In December of 2021, Boundary Labs raised 50,000 USD from various angel investors in its pre-seed investment round to begin the development of Modular Metaverse Technology (MMT). MMT is a custom SAAS solution to a common problem faced during set creation (videogames, metaverses, and even movies). MMT allowed Kazuki Labs to handle the graphic design needs of a variety of web3 clients. Our voxell design team at Kazuki Labs has ceated the Sandbox assets for many popular NFT collections.

The FlipSide Metaverse NFT Collection is the next evolution of Kazuki Labs inc. The FlipSide Metaverse Will Help Us:

Build a Cult-Like Following of NFT Enthusiasts:
– Kazuki Labs Has Profit Sharing Mechanics to Send 25% of Kazuki Labs Profits to Our DAO.
– A Strong NFT Community is Essential to Survive as a Web3 Service Company.
Expand Business Operations :
– Buying a Solana RPC Node Will Allows Us to Launch Our Own Metaverse Game’ Economy.
Stamp Our Digital Footprint In The Web3 Scene:
-Our Team Has Spent Over 10 Months Building Digital Assets For a Wide Portfolio of Clients.
– This is Our Chance to Show Off Our Skills By Releasing The FlipSide Metaverse & The KazukiVerse Theme Park.

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