The Gnomes Club

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Feb 05 @

The Gnomes Club is a private collection of 10,000 gnome NFTs on the ETH blockchain as unique digital collectibles launching on the 5th of February. They will give access to an elite network of entrepreneurs, investment in web3, and high-quality partnerships to start creating your own f#cking luck.

The artwork is inspired by the founder’s dad’s career path, with gnomes symbolizing luck—which, as a community, will be creating ourselves through focus, dedication, and consistency. It’s a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated Gnomes with diverse themes and adaptive traits.

The Gnomes Club NFT Roadmap

Getting started
Assembling the team, designing the artwork, building the website, preparing our marketing strategies and brainstorming about the long-term utility.

Quality comes first
Can only launch once, and want to make sure it lives up to the team’s high standards. Will thoroughly test the whitelist minting event and finish all the artwork.

Whitelisting signup
Want everyone to have equal opportunity, especially those who’d normally wouldn’t have a chance or voice in this space, reduce gas fees, put our community first and protect them from bots. Therefore, doing an early bird whitelist of 2,000 spots for those who were here first and those who are helping us build this community.

Minting event
After thoroughly testing our minting event and the countdown hitting zero, the whitelisted addresses can mint their gnome within a time window of 2 hours. After the whitelist mint, the public minting will start. This will happen on the 5th of February.

Reveal your gnome
The reveal will happen 24 hours after the minting event. You’ll then be able to see what kind of gnome you’ve minted! This will happen on the 6th of February.

Roadmap update
Once have had the launch and the reveal, it’ll be time to talk long-term vision. Will release an updated roadmap detailing how the fund will be operated. The gnomes will serve as a key to unlock specific benefits inside the fund, such as investments, web3 tools, educational content, networking, and much more.

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