The Infungibles

0.77 SOL X7,777


Jan 25 @

The Infungibles is a Solana play-to-earn game with 7,777 Metaverse Mecha NFTs that can be driven by other Solana NFTs. That’s right — your NFTs can pilot our NFTs in an already-complete retro role-playing game that pays out SOL to players. And if your NFT project is partner, you’ll get special bonuses that will help you win more.

The Infungibles NFT Roadmap

11 DEC
Playable demo released
Wen demo?
Done. Sign up on our Twitter or Discord to enter and win SOL

23 JAN
Game finished
Basically just testing at this point. Have got content to keep you occupied for months, but going to need you for the player-vs.-player battles.

25 JAN
Whitelist pre-sale
Those with the role OG Hero in our Discord will be eligible, as well as other who apply or earn a spot on the list.
20:22 UTC on Magic Eden launchpad.

25 JAN
NFT Mint
7,777 Infungibles will land on planet Earth, minted through Magic Eden launchpad at 22:22 UTC for 0.77 SOL each. Mint one (or a few) and play it with any Solana NFT

Try on your new suit

As soon as you mint, you’ll be able to load your NFTs into your mecha in our game lobby.

25 JAN
Market integration
Our primary focus is Magic Eden, where have been pre-approved for immediate post-mint listing, but may launch on other marketplaces if demand exists at the time.

25 JAN
Rarity charts
Looks rare? You’ll know as soon as the mint is over because will release the chart. Remember that with Infungibles, rarity is not all about looks – some mechas will come out of the box more powerful than others.

26 JAN
Rarity Rankings
Will endeavor to get this collection published on and/or MoonRank as soon as possible, and implement the Rarity Sniper Bot, so you can make informed decisions.

26 JAN
Will endeavor to get listed on Solanalysis and Solanafloor as soon as can after the mint is complete.

26 JAN
Partner bonuses
Partner NFT bonuses will be assigned. Each partner NFT gets a unique bonus in the game.

JAN 27
Game launch!
Don’t want to make you wait for all the other stuff that’s not in the demo, so plan to drop this ASAP.

27 JAN
Play your NFTs as Mechas
Of course, you’ll be able to play your own NFTs as Mechas from day 1, and if they’re partner projects, you’ll get an arena bonus. Log in with your Infungible and you’ll be prompted to choose another NFT, if you want.

Game community wallet
Secondary market resale royalties will go to a community wallet, for prizes to active players in tournaments and daily play.

28 JAN
Enable Grape access

Verified users will have special privileges on Discord

28 JAN
Twice-weekly tournaments
Fight other Infungibles to win real Solana! New leaderboards to climb, twice per week. Fight other heroes to climb to the top. When each leaderboard closes, the top players will get a SOL airdrop from the game community wallet.

If you’re a lover, not a fighter, you’ll still have a chance to win SOL in our level-up random rewards system.

13 FEB
Rent your mecha
Rent your mecha to other players in exchange for a share of its winnings. How much? You decide. The percentages will be up to you and your fighter.

24 FEB
Superpower airdrops
Hold your heroes! Will be airdopping superpowers (including some very powerful ones) to heroes on a random basis, but only to those that are not listed for sale. Diamond hands get stronger!

04 MAR
Tournament staking
Feeling confident? Bet on your hero by staking $SOL on regularly-scheduled special brawler tournaments where the prize money will come from stakers, rather than the community wallet.

03 APR
Moar game!
Will be pumping royalties into more game features. Because everyone wants more game!

12 MAY
Generation Two
Gen 2 mechas will have separate secondary marketplaces and will start the game with less strength than Gen 1 heroes, but players will be able to build them up to compete with the best.

31 MAY
Baby Mechas
Holding two Mehcas? They just might follow the course of nature and bestow you with another.

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