The NFT Lottery VIP Pass Launch


Jan 14 @

Raising the value for everyone
A community and utility oriented project. Holders and participants will have unique and exciting benefits.
The idea is to give the people of the community the opportunities that they didn’t think are possible.
The NFT Lottery is built to give the average person a real chance to win HUGE.
Official Launch date is January 14th 2022
80% of mint goes directly into the community vault.
Requirements is to be a verified holder of The NFT Lottery “VIP Pass”
You can get verified in the community discord.
Second collection:
NFT Raffles:
70% of all remaining raffle royalties, after rewards are transferred to the winners, goes directly into the community DAO
Where the community can vote which NFTs to fractionalize as a family. 
Which blockchain:
VIP Pass – Ethereum
Raffles – Eth/Polygon
Polygon (Matic) blockchain to avoid Ethereum gas fees & remaining on Opensea.
PHASE 1: Project Launch
-Giveaways & Partnerships  
-VIP Pass launch on Ethereum 
-Snapshot voting integration
10 lucky winners of 1 ETH each will be rewarded during the minting process.
The 1 ETH rewards will be given to the original original wallets of mint numbers: 
#1000, #2000, #3000, #4000, #5000, #6000, #7000, #8000, #9000, #10000
(*Must be Metamask*)
Lucky mint number #7777 will be rewarded 2ETh
Another 10 lucky holders will be airdropped, at random, a Limited Edition NFT from a project partnership TBA (To be announced) 
Phase 2: First set of community votes

Voting on what to purchase to fractionalize 
Vote to sweep floor, raising value.
Vote on how much $Lottery ticket per day will be rewarded to holders. ETC. 
Vote for additional giveaways. 

Phase 3: Team Building & Partnerships 

Marketing Campaign
Prearranged Partnership announcements (plural)
Partnership giveaways 
Team Member Expansion

Phase 4: Tokenomics & Fractionalizing Art 

$Lottery token utility implementation 
Airdrop to Hodlers. Requirement is to be the 1 and only holder since mint. (Amount airdropped will be put to a vote) 
VIP Community votes on fractionalized art for Vault 

Roadmap 2.0 (Intro)
-First series of Raffles on opensea 
(no gas fees) 
Traditional Lottery
Have you ever played in a lottery? Well if you have you know they are fun and exciting. They combine three features which opens the gaming experience to almost everyone. Lottery is not only cheap and highly affordable, lottery tickets are pliable and transparent.
*  Affordable: The usual price for a lottery ticket is between .01 – .1 ETH
*  Scalable: Customers can buy multiple tickets with several different number combinations to increase their chances to win.
*  Transparent: Everything’s on the blockchain which allows everyone to know who won and when.
Most people simply can’t afford a $10k, $50k, $150k or even a $250k+ NFT. 
The Community Voting System is designed to give anyone the chance to win big. Aiming more towards well known Blue Chip Projects such as; Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CrypToadz, CyberKongz etc..
The first NFT posted will be a 1/10,000 original The NFT Lottery (VIP PASS)  .04eth + gas
Official voting will take place within the community Discord, “VIP SECTION”
The community will be able to vote on which NFTs they want to start a raffle for.
Remember to get verified. You must be a verified holder in-order to get access to the VIP SECTION.
The raffles will run exactly as you would think. Example: 
$50k raffle
500 participants 
$150 each 
$50k raffle
1000 participants 
$75 each 
$50k raffle
2000 participants 
$40 each 
Smart contract capability allows us to use NFTs as a form of a raffle system. You along with others will own shares to an individual NFT, once all shares are owned the listed reward will randomly be distributed to the lucky winner. All others will lose that NFT from their wallet & are welcome to join another ongoing raffle.
Overview: The community owns the DAO, and the community will vote on all actions, including purchases. Our goal @ The NFT Lottery is to ensure everyone partakes in a raffle. We believe that other blue-chip NFTs deserve love as well, hence why our DAO focuses on all blue-chip NFTs and not just Cool Cats. We hope this leads to a solid and well-diversified portfolio for our DAO, resulting in great returns for our community members. DAO Wallet Funding: 70% of all revenue from raffles will be dedicated to the community wallet controlled by the DAO. This is when the numbers can get huge. In the next few weeks, we will also set up the multi-sig wallet, which is essential for making our DAO fully decentralized. Our signers will include the team members (3) and four community members. 5/7 signatures will be needed to pass a proposal. 
Snapshot: Shortly after launch, we will set up our voting platform on, allowing holders to vote and introduce their own proposals. The following are the requirements to pass a snapshot vote NFT Purchases (Minimum of 3 hours, need a minimum of 20% of holders to respond) Non-NFT-Purchase related (24 Hours to vote) Staking Roadmap: After the minting period, we will immediately start working on setting up the staking platform. All our blue-chip purchases will be transferred to a fractional vault.
VIP Tickets can be staked to earn 5 $Lottery a day. More info regarding staking and Tokenomics will be posted soon. 
Little risk. High Rewards.
The NFT Lottery will produce a total of 20,000,000 $Lottery tokens per year, over a period of five years.
-You will not be required to stake or give up custody of the NFT in order to earn/claim the utility tokens! $Lottery is an ERC-20 utility token that will be used for various tasks inside The NFT Lottery ecosystem. 
 At a glance: – VIP Pass holder will earn 5 $Lottery tokens per day – No staking required – 
$Lottery utility token launch date: 
TO BE DISCUSSED – Total Supply: Up to a maximum of 100,000,000 $Lottery will ever exist.
 Disclaimer $Lottery is NOT an investment and has NO monetary value. It will be used as a utility token in The NFT Lottery ecosystem. 
How it works?
Once the utility token is launched, as a VIP Pass holder, you won’t need to do anything to start earning $Lottery. 
VIP Pass holders receive $Lottery tokens representing the fractional shares of NFTs held in the community vault. Members also get exclusive access to the DAO community, giveaways and voting rights over the DAO’s assets. Join The NFT Lottery now, and Moon with us.

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