The Orc Horde

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Apr 20 @ 20:00
Presale: 2022-04-19 @ 20:00

Premium NFT art collection by Girov, Official D&D Guild artist who also worked for Disney & Power Rangers Cartoon. Most advanced NFT collectibles with 50+ traits each, D&D TTRPG compatible, with own Loot compatible, n-project compatible.
Phase 0️⃣ : Genesis collection
The Genesis collection consists of 120 Orc Horde NFTs minted in Phase 0. These NFTs have a special property called “0 GEN”. All holders have Chieftains roles on our Discord and are part of the decision making process for the whole project.

Phase 1️⃣ : The Horde is gathering
The Orc Horde NFT is a collection of 10.000 NFTs by Girov, official D&D Guild artist who also worked for Disney & Power Rangers Cartoon. Each NFT has 50+ traits that can be upgraded via our PTE game.

Whitelist Benefits
➜ Chance to mint in VIP Presale and join the game earlier and start Playing and Earning Minerals.
➜ Eligible for raffle for 1/1 One-eyed Orc God. (All Chieftains are already eligible for the raffle)
➜ Will get Orc Loot Bag NFT for free (Follow 📢announcements channel for the details)
➜ Avoid high gas fees

How to enter the Whitelist?
➜ Invite 5 friends
➜ Reach level 5
➜ Our moderators will handpick members that contribute to the project, spread the word and positive vibes.

Orc Heroes Training Camp
There are a total of 10 Orc Hero NFTs in the whole collection. Orc Heroes are special super-powered NFTs, with unique art and boosted properties. They will go through the Orc Horde PTE Game with ease. You can’t mint an Orc Hero. The only way you can get one, is to earn it with our Training Camp Quests.

Anyone can apply for a spot into the Orc Heroes Training Camp. Follow the 📢announcements channel for applying dates.

Phase 2️⃣ : The Orc Horde PTE Game V1: Orcs are preparing for the War!
The Game will be released during Phase 1, and Chieftains and VIP Presale minters will have a chance to play and earn. After the game release, we will determine the main sale event date and price.

You will mine minerals, gold and silver, so you can upgrade your Orc, and make him ultra rare and more valuable.

Each player’s Discord activity will be rewarded with resources into the game.

Phase 3️⃣ : Merchandise
In this Phase we will release many irl products:
➜ Printed Comic Book
➜ TTRPG Game: Large Map + Dices + Playing Cards
➜ The Orc Horde NFT Original Sticker Set
➜ A1 Poster of The Orc Horde
➜ TOH backpacks, plush toys, hoodies, beanies, school accessories, card games, puzzles etc.

Phase 4️⃣ : The Orc Horde PTE Game V2: The Loot Quest
The Orcs are in quest to free Kall T’Akhar and seize the treasure they had been digging for centuries.

Now free, the orcs were faced with the forests, lakes and fields of Adilia, the land that once belonged to their ancestors. A land of wealth. A plump fruit, ripe for the Orc Horde to pluck it.


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