A tween comedy about the battle between light & dark, all powered by crypto! An all-encompassing web3 brand, on multiple blockchains, with governance tokens, NFTs, a cross-chain DEX, a Metaverse platform, and more!

The Secret Order of Lumiiis™ is a cartoon, for kids and adults, about a group of young magical guardians unlocking secrets, learning lessons, and saving the day!

Viewers can find secret QR codes hidden throughout the series and redeem them for bags of LumiiiTokens, LumiiiNFTs, and more!

The Lumiii™ ecosystem is a revolutionary way for kids and parents to enter the exciting world of crypto, DeFi, and the Lumiiiverse – our world within the larger Metaverse!

The Ethereum mint will have a supply of 7,777 Dingle™ NFTs at 0.08ETH each.