The Stubborn Ape Society

.08 ETH X7000


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The Stubborn Ape Society is a collection of 7,000 3D Unique Stubborn Ape NFT’s living on the Ethereum blockchain. Influenced by Street Art and Culture, when you decide to mint and join the Stubborn Ape Society, you are receiving access to an exclusive society with endless benefits!

Your Stubborn Ape will serve as your membership to the exclusive Stubborn Ape society. With our membership, you will gain access to exclusive giveaways, additional digital collectables, private events, and even have the ability to breed your NFT!

The Stubborn Ape Society NFT Roadmap

1. The Basics 0-10%
For us, we know every great project needs a proper foundation. Our priority is to create an owner driven community that allows for you to receive the most return of investment for your unique NFT. As the community grows, as will the perks that come with owning a Stubborn Ape. As we develop more functionality, we strive to ensure the best quality and value for the Stubborn Ape Society.

2. Give Aways 10-20%
Get Ready for some insane giveaways! There are going to multiple chances leading up to launch day where fans can enter for a chance to win custom one of kind merch, signed art, and their very own Stubborn Ape NFT. Don’t forget about our weekly member giveaway where we will select a winner to win .05 ETH! Our Grand Prize will be a lucky winner who wins $10,000!

3. Project Launch 20-40%
On April 16th at 12pm, 7,000 Stubborn Apes are released to the Ethereum Blockchain! Don’t miss your chance to mint a Legendary Stubborn Ape and join our exclusive society.

4. Exclusive Member only Merchandise 40-60%
Owners of Stubborn Apes will have the opportunity to access one of kind Stubborn Ape Merch you can rep everywhere you go!

5. Stubborn Ape Breeding Feature 60-80%
Holders of 2 Stubborn Apes will have the ability to breed them and create a 2nd Gen Rare Stubborn Ape

6. Stubborn Ape Society In the Metaverse 80-100%
We will purchase land for the Stubborn Ape Society where we can host private events in the Metaverse!

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