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2032, blockchain is now massively adopted by the population after Snoop Dogg was revealed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. From that time, ¾ of human beings own at least one crypto currency.
Alongside, on May 11, 2031 (50 years after Bob Marley’s death), the state and government ended up legalizing cannabis through a state-owned monopoly.

In the meanwhile, cannabis is no longer a success! For this particular reason, all the Thugz from all around the world started to open plenty of dodge CBD stores. For them the war rages day and night! During the day, they starve to keep and handle every store from every city. While during the night they fight with other gangs in order to deal shit(coin)*.

Thugz Life NFT Roadmap

1 EVENT GIVEAWAY WL Contests : Discord Ranking & Invit Contests, Gleam Contest, Discord Games giveaways, ThugzCon Game (Waldo), BlindTest/Quizz & many others events

2 THUGZIMON Random Thugzimon NFT card is victory proof in one of the Thugz Events or for a Thugz giveaway

3 MINT Mar. 3 – 0.911 Sol Action of buying NFT randomly from a collection. It allows you to acquire a Thugz before it goes on the secondary marketplace

4 REWARDS Giveaway Lotery : Gucci/Occulus Glasses, PS5/Xbox, TV 4k, iPHone 13 ! Mythic Box : CBD Weed, CBD Cookies, Mythic tshirt, SaleMômeParis tshirt, NoLife Clothing Beannie, …

5 WAR THUGZ Win-To-Earn game Win the Gang War by owning highest number of THZ points

6 THUGZ UNCHAINED 2nd Thugz Game : Play-To-Earn Ranking Tokenomics Game with rewards

7 PRIVATE CLUB Jem’s CBD bio cookies Ethernaal Goku Asian Canteen NoLife Clothing French Grillz Koms CBD SaleMôme Paris

8 WAR THUGZ EVOLUTION GTA adaptation, Web Interface gaming, BoardGame / Physical adaptation

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