Tina Eisen’s KissMas


Dec 06 @

KissMas is a collection of 254 art pieces designed by Tina Eisen. These NFTs are part of a special Christmas edition and will allow users to participate in future events, raffles, and exclusive offers related to Tina Eisen’s work.
Each artwork is a self-portrait shoot by Tina Eisen, in an intense process complemented by demanding selection criteria and careful post-production. More than 8000 shots later, using the most iconic accessories related to the season, Tina’s KissMas, ones rarer than others, are yours to collect.
These NFTs will be available for purchase at www.tinaeisen.com on:
–    December 06th to all White List members    – 0.12 eth
–    December 15th to the general public            – 0.15 eth
COLLECTIBLE DETAILS | Tina Eisen’s KissMas attributes
• Skin     • Lips     • Colour     • Drop
• Primary accessory   • Secondary accessory
Collection story – a testimony from Tina Eisen
“In the past I released some of my work in NFT form and it was a success in a lot of unique ways.
Suddenly I had found a way to bring beauty and my expression of it to this crazy digital analog world and it was an astonishing experience to perceive first hand that my pictures were making an impact on people.
I decided to push this newfound passion even further. The outpouring of love and support for all my NFT projects and the pictures themselves, allied with my long lasting love for the Christmas season and a will to turn my art more accessible to anyone who feels touched by it transmuted into an idea of creating a NFT collection around my lips macro shots… with a Holiday sprinkle.
I’d like to take this opportunity to give collectors the option to pick up a Christmas gift in the shape of an NFT they can either keep or pass on to a loved one.”
Utility build-up
These NFTs will have utility on future collections and events like raffles and airdrops as well as educational material & masterclasses developed by Tina, software and hardware giveaways, and global meet-up and networking opportunities.
#NFT               #NFTArtist       #NFTcollection           #Christmas2021        #nftcollectible     #kissmas
Contact Details
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: tina_eisen

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