Top 3 most popular NFT projects on

These are the top three projects that received the most votes from visitors from November 15 to December 2. The more people vote for the project, the better its chances of success. So let’s do an analysis of these projects.

Meka Ape Club

If you have been following the NFT market you will know that monkey and punk-based collections go well on the market. People who missed the original BAYC or MAYC collection want to own a Monkey, and the demand for it is not diminishing. Meka Ape is a collection of 10101 NFTs categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. They have planed a game also, in the future.

No Brainers

This new NFT collection offers a limited supply of 5,100 humanoids that fictionally underwent a brain enlargement surgery. The beautiful 3D NFT artwork on the Ethereum blockchain was designed and rendered by MetaMind Labs. Each No Brainer inside the NFT art project collection is equipped with a unique combination of characteristics chosen from a pool of 250+ distinct 3D traits that make each NFT 100% distinguishable from the rest of the series.

With this new NFT Project, No Brainers is set to promote mental health awareness, especially with the record increase in mental health issues since the pandemic.

Meta Legends

Meta Legends is planning several expansions to its universe after the NFT sale. Using the Meta Connect application, users can connect with one another and play games together, which is an integral part of gaming. Their NFTs will also be stored and they will be able to locate one another on maps.

Additionally, the metaverse will be created, where users will be able to stack cryptocurrencies, own virtual properties, and interact with each other. In order to build metaverses, Unreal5 will be used.

The Unreal 5 engine provides “Photorealistic rendering, physics-driven effects, and life-like animation,” says Maxime Hacquard.

That’s all for today. We hope you find something you liked. We will be back next week with new collections. Until then, be safe, and do not invest in an NFT collection before researching it well.

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