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Treesome is an NFT project focused on fighting deforestation through planting trees and donating to charities. Our goal is to plant half a million trees and make an impact on the world, and  need your help.

Helping our planet is our priority, but  believe our community is equally important, as  would be nothing without it. Always listen and take into consideration what our supporters want us to do, and want everyone to feel safe and welcome. Let’s make a difference, together.

Treesome NFT Roadmap


12 500+ trees planted! / 20 Free airdrops / Whitelist spot giveaways
The planting begins! Donations towards environmental organisations working for a better planet will start. Every NFT will contribute to 5 trees planted. Will also airdrop 20 free Treesome NFTs to our most loyal community members and supporters + whitelist spot giveaways for other projects begin!


MAYC Giveaway / Alpha channel
Our environment is important, but so is our community, and would be nothing without it! 1 MAYC NFT giveaway for our holders + launch of our alpha channel, where you will find all the information you need about new projects, all in one place! Don’t miss the next big thing!


187 000+ trees planted! / 1 giveaway every day for 1 month
Let’s turn it up a notch! 1 NFT = 25 trees. For each NFT minted 25 trees will be planted in the real world, totaling up to over 187 000 trees! Will also airdrop 1 random prize (NFTs, ethereum, etc) every day for our entire first month after launch!


500 000+ trees planted! / Free mint companion collection for holders / Start of Roadmap V2
Will begin our mission to plant half a million trees, together! Every holder will contribute to the planting of 50 trees, totaling up to 500 000! After our reveal and planting of our trees, will announce our companion NFT collection, which will be free to mint for our holders! Roadmap v2 begins!

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