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What is unRealBills about?
We created a collection that has an economic vision, You see NFTs right now are still in the innovator’s phase, which means we are building the future, and you can do anything with the right people, we can do anything.
Who are we?
We are a team from all around the world with different interests, but what unites us is the wish of crafting the future.
Why should I invest in unRealBills?
You might be wondering why would anyone buy this, the simple answer is that we can make this a way of owning ETH while having a collectible that would increase in price over time. Therefore, it is like any NFT, but you can use it for its literal value as an exchanging tool or invest in it until it becomes rare as new versions are out. We are not any collection, our work has[besides the artistic value] economical propriety as when you invest in RBs you buy art while getting a collecting card that will grow in value. As the amount written down is not the maximum* but what determines the actual value is the version, the rarity, and the price history. To sum everything up; when you invest in RBs not only do you get a normal NFT but a futuristic bill.
What’s an NFB?
NFBs or Non-Fungible bills are NFT bills – We would love to point out that NFBs are tokens too, but the name has a bit of a commercial nuance –
By this time, I can only imagine that you truly understand how big this concept is and how it can affect the future.
*We guarantee that we will never sell a token for less than 50% of its value [The value written down on the bill].

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