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20 artworks with 20 unique combinations (3 artworks have a special pattern).
PNG, 2160p.
The meaning behind the collection:
During some years of my life, I felt like everything was against me and that I couldn’t do anything to handle it. When I have to make a decision, I analyze the pros and cons, evaluate the alternatives and try to make as the most sensible decision as possible. There is no room for emotion when it comes to make a decision. Logic teaches us that, right?
During the first lockdown, I learnt how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. At first, you want to throw it out the window: you have to take time to understand it and once you learn the algorithms, solving it becomes automatic and easy. A pleasure for people like me, who eat rationality for breakfast: a series of steps leading to an unambiguous and perfect solution.
Sometimes, however, making a choice is not possible. Things happen and, whether it suits us or not, there is no way for us to change them. There is no logical sense, you just have to acknowledge it. And acknowledging what happens without having the possibility to choose is something that I have always hated. In these cases, where is the solution?
I think the Cube is a good metaphor: there are moments when we don’t find a logical sense to what happen to us, and we have to face situations that seem unsolvable to us. But sometimes you realize that maybe, by changing perspective and taking the right amount of time, the pieces of the puzzle (or in this case, of the Cube) find their place, make sense, even though at first glance they seemed like just a lot of nonsense.

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