Weird Medicology

45 MATIC OTH X8,000


Feb 07 @

Collectible, gamified, and climate-friendly NFTs featuring weird Creations from a new fandom: Medicine x Culture | Founded by @PHYSICIANFT

You’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is Weird Medicology™, a NFT trading card collection of 40 unique Characters in five rarities featuring a weird amalgam of Medicine x Culture. As true digital trading cards, each NFT has a card back with the artistic Alt Text, serial number, and limited edition Epoch stamp.

Mint Presale – February 5th, 2022 at 6pm UTC

Main Sale – February 6th, 2022 at 6pm UTC

Cost: 45 MATIC

Weird Medicology NFT Roadmap

Roadmaps!?! Where are Going, Don’t Need Roads let alone roadmaps. However, every lab needs a lab plan and every story needs chapters. The story of WM is told in ‘Epochs’ – think of it like Seasons in a video game. The Genesis Epoch of Weird Medicology includes the 40 character release as well as mainly other milestones:

The Genesis Epoch of Weird Medicology:

Founder’s Lab Badges

Feb, 5 2022
Cryptovivification – the main drop featuring serial numbered NFTs with front and backs of card! WM is also the first NFTs to be accessible for those with visual impairments with the use of alt-text.
Reveal – whenever YOU decide. Cards do not have to be revealed at any point for those masochistic Weirdiens that enjoy delayed gratification.

March 2022
Enantiometeric Doppelgänger challenge
Metaverse Accessibility challenges: Holders that participate will earn air-dropped reward NFTs
Name-Redacted Sub-collection drop

Spring to Summer 2022
Genesis Epoch Lab Badges and customization options for all badges at WM’s site.
ExperiMINTing with 3 new WM Rarities, Medical Curios cards, and more!

Every Epoch of Weird Medicology advances the story of the Weird Lab, Dr. Lordfuns, your creations, and the creations yet to come.

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