Women Unite

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Apr 08 @

So, we got material girls, gone girls, mean girls, desperate housewives we even got good girls gone bad or sometimes a whole pic n mix. Either way in a world that tries to divide us, in the WU kingdom our pluses are what makes us equal.

Women Unite is launching a 10,000 NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain on 8th April 2022. We are a “First Of Its Kind NFT” as this project uses real humans as NFTs through unique and vibrant photography and fashion. (10 per cent of profits also go towards charities supporting women in need across the globe, personal development and spreading positivity throughout the world.)

A few weeks ago, we launched a 222 Collection of Women Unite NFTs that are selling for an average of 3 ETH right now, along with our Silver & Gold Throne Passes that give holders a Guaranteed whitelist to our future WU Projects amongst other benefits within the community. (Check out Women Unite On Opensea to view our current collection).

We’re crazy pleased to announce Paris Hilton is now following us on our social media!

Women Unite | NFT ART COLLECTION (womenunitenft.com)

In addition to this, we are in collaboration with “Super Creators By IAC”, which had a successful launch 2 weeks ago and is sitting on a 2-3ETH floor post reveal. They also have a Super Strong Educational Academy as well as NFT Baby Making utilities for holders. The collection is led by Spiritual Master (Master Sri Akarshana, with over 3 Million Following Online) and backed by 22 other influencers (each with an average following size between 100,000 – 3 Million).

We are inviting a select number of YouTubers to collaborate with us on this project but more importantly, we are looking for key influencers to be the first to spread the news of the project and provide their followers with upcoming NFT projects that have the potential to 10x – 100x their investment (based on past results of our two previous launches).

We are aware that you may not do any type of paid promotion, but we wanted to bring our project to your awareness pre mint, so that you can look it over and potentially give an impartial review.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us, we would love to discuss it with you further.

Kind regards

SPPN Elite

In collaboration with IamCreator and Women Unite

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