World of Freight opens many doors in the metaverse and beyond. with their unique vehicle-themed NFTs

If you are a vehicle fan or just an enthusiast that wants to see something new and unique on the NFT market then World of Freight NFT has the right key to that door.

We are talking about 10,000 unique vehicle-themed NFTs that double as your membership card that grants access to a variety of exclusive benefits. To discover and understand the benefits much better we decided to ask the team of World of Freight (WOF).

So we are going to let them guide you in the World of Freight, and if you enjoy this ride imagine what will happen when you will be a part of the project.

How was the idea about World of Freight born?

The idea for World of Freight was initially born as the WOF Labs team discussed plans for Supplain’s future and realized we would need to first build a community of like-minded freight enthusiasts before starting to build Supplain – a supply chain protocol. And to build the community via NFTs sounded like an excellent option. Next up, we started building the concept for World of Freight and researched many projects – picking the best parts from different ones.

  • As a Bored Ape owner from the start, Sander got us to take some of the roadmap and property ideas from them.
  • At the same time, we liked the idea of Mooncats being able to “transform” via adding new elements after being minted, so we added the Garage.
  • We also liked the concept of earning tokens and the burning of NFTs to get new ones that Waifusion had, so we added the idea of $WOF Tokens and the Junkyard to the mix.
  • And then we also saw that none of the popular collections focused on vehicles, or even if they did, they just had one base vehicle, so we decided to create a bunch of base vehicles and create a racing/supply chain themed P2E game around it with initial elements copied from http://Zed.Run.
    Everything else has been already evolving together with the community.

What are the best benefits for the community and for anyone that wants to own a piece from World of Freight?

The central concept has always been pulling together a community that will jump into building the Supplain protocol with us – and so far, we have managed to find remarkable talents and experts from within the community. At the same time, since we want World of Freight to continue having a separate journey even after Supplain is born, then we started building the World of Freight P2E game universe as well, that will eventually become a supply chain themed game with mechanics that let genesis vehicle owners rent out or make copies of their vehicles and Freight Punks to the future gamers and much more, with the overall focus on being fun and somewhat educative on the supply chain side for everyone. Other than that, World of Freight NFT owners will get to join our LIVE events for free, participate in various challenges and treasure hunts, and get future NFT AirDrops, e.g. 3D vehicle NFTs (that will hopefully be useable in the metaverse, in the future).

What is so special about World of Freight, and what will move the project forward?

The World of Freight is not a usual art collection that promises to create comics and other future NFT collections, create an investment DAO, or even high returns quick for flipping the art. Instead, we have set out to build an actual new standard for moving information across the supply chains together with the community – promising to reward all community members at the protocol’s launch. And this real-life utility concept is totally different from most other NFT projects, making it riskier but potentially much more lucrative for all parties involved.

The art is so divergent, who is behind it?

We created the initial art by combining the initial ideas put together by Sander (@sandergansen), the design skills of four create digital designers, including Keirin (@KeirinFox) , Taavo, (Mac.Artt) and Asim007, and the development skill of Artur (@Arturkrb), the Original Miner in our WOF Labs team.

World of Freight has a lot to offer, so you can choose from the benefits, and yes “get it while it’s hot”.

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